1. How long are shipping times?

For customers in California, we can usually deliver in 48 hours! We offer the cheapest and fastest shipping on surfboards on the internet. In certain cases, deliveries may take longer.

For customers outside of CA, your products will ship within two days of your order, and then take up to 4-7 days to reach your doorstep. We don't support international shipping at the moment, our apologies to our friends overseas. 


2. What about local delivery?

 For customers in Santa Barbara or Goleta we offer free 2-day delivery to your doorstep.


3. What's your return policy?

We can accept unopened and unused items as returns so long as you can get the products to us! Shipping oversized items can get expensive, so please do your research before ordering. 

For any issues such as manufacturing defects that may fall under the manufacturer's warranty, we'll help you send the product directly to the manufacturer for return.


4. Can I cancel my order?

Cancelations are possible if your order has not been shipped yet.

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