7'0 Rockit FunBoard


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84” x 22” x 3” / 72 Liters

The Rock-It Funbus is the all around midsized soft top. Easy to ride & small enough that carrying it down the beach and fitting it in your car doesn't become a chore. At the same time, large enough to easily float and surf most people. The Funboard is the classic jr. longboard, or hybrid shape!


Why the “Sea Camo” Stripes on the bottom? In 2013 University of Western Australia neurobiologist Nathan Hart & entrepreneur Hamish Jolly conducted research that indicated a zebra striped pattern was a deterrence to sharks & presented their results in a Ted Talk. The patterns disperse the shark’s ability to identify the item, and mimic non-food source items in their environment. Of course there are no guarantees, but if there is an indication something could be safer, why not do it?!

Care Tip: When not in the water, store soft top out of direct sunlight

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