Teema Turkish Beach Blanket - Sarong & Surf Changing Towel


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Teema Turkish Towels

High quality, utilitarian towels favorited by surfers from California to Bali.

Once you try one you'll quickly realized just how useful they truly are. Not only do they make great travel towels, but they're also throws, shawls, scarves, and wraps, they look great around the house, they dry quickly, they're portable, they're stylish... the list goes on! We are obsessed, and wondered why we'd never seen them before. 



The Labyrinth towel is by far and away our most popular design available. By utilizing dozens of different colored threads in each design, the Labyrinth’s weave creates a hypnotizing, breathtaking display of interwoven colors.

The Labyrinth Towel is woven on traditional jacquard looms by our seamstresses in Turkey. It is thicker and softer than towels made on automatic looms. Our customers often describe this collection as something between a towel and a blanket. Each loom can only produce around 15 towels per day, so it is safe to say these towels are made with care.

* Due to the complex and handmade nature of this specific Teema, the color you receive may not look exactly the same as what is seen in the product images, but it will be extremely similar. Each batch uses the same colored threads, however the order of the colors is unique with each back, creating a slightly different effect each time.


The Noble Towel is one of our cleanest designs, giving it a very luxurious look and feel. Made on our automatic jacquard looms, this towel has a tighter weave making it light and soft, yet strong and durable. Its versatile design of course looks lovely around the house as a towel or throw, but also looks great on the go as a shawl, scarf or wrap.

Coming in both stone and navy colorways, the Noble is an elegant Teema that you’ll find a use for year round. From a scarf in the winter to a shawl in the fall to a wrap in the spring to a beach blanket in the summer, the Noble will make you feel like a Queen or King, year round.


The Diamanté Towel is a timeless Turkish design utilizing a diamond weave pattern. Like all of our towels, the Diamanté is extremely versatile and is usable as a throw, shawl, scarf, wrap, and more.

Coming in a range of colors, we have a Diamanté for everyone. Whether you’re decorating your home, restocking your bathroom, or backpacking South America, the Diamanté will make the perfect companion.

Sustainably made: Many Teema products are crafted by a network of artisanal weavers located in a small mountain town in Southwestern Turkey. Many of these weavers work out of their own homes, on looms that have been with their families for decades.

Size: 38in x 70in

Weight: 12oz

Material: 100% Cotton


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